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Legal information

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Commercial register number: 321328t
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Local court: Feldkirch district court
Authority in accordance with ECG (E-commerce Act): Bregenz local administration

Responsible for content: Klaus Wolf, CEO

Technical information

Responsible person for technical matters: XPULSE Crossmedia Productions | Ing. Andreas Gabriel (

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All images, illustrations and graphics (reduced images) that are shown are used in accordance with the provisions of the respective holders of rights. All rights to the images, illustrations and graphics shown on this website, are owned by the creators. It is prohibited to acquire the images in any form and in any case, this requires the written consent of the respective copyright owner. If any infringement is known of, it may be prosecuted.

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  • Ing. Andreas Gabriel (
  • MEDIArt Photographie, Hard, Andreas Uher
  • Adobe Stock

Liability disclaimer

Despite checking the contents carefully, we do not assume any liability for the contents of external links. The content of the linked pages is the sole responsibility of their operators. All names, terms, symbols and graphics used herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks owned by their respective owners. The rights of all trademarks that are mentioned/used solely belong to their owners.

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