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28 Oct 2021

Practical canisters for gasoline and water

Made in EU

Fuel canister:

  • 3 different sizes (5/10/20 liters)
  • With practical marking aid
  • flexible filler pipe


Double canister:

  • 2 sizes (5 + 2.5 liters / 6 + 3 liters)
  • 2-in-1: Two liquids in one canister


Water canister:

  • 4 sizes (5/10/15 und 20 liters)
  • Food Safe
  • with drain cock and carry handle


Water canister with integrated soap dispenser:

  • 13 liters
  • Food safe
  • with integrated soap dispenser


Image: Adobe Stock © Svetlana Radayeva, zhu difeng

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